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The department of Mathematics is one of the oldest departments in this college. General Degree Course & Honours Degree course in Mathematics was introduced in 1976 & 1995 respectively. Several students of this department are employed in schools, colleges, universities and in government offices. The faculty consists of highly qualified teachers, competently trained to guide the bright and obedient students. This department has its own computer laboratory and smart classroom. Emphasis is laid on both theoretical and practical classes. Besides, the department regularly organizes special and remedial classes, tutorials, seminars, exhibitions, excursions, and special lectures in association with professors from other colleges for better exposure and experience of students. Students of this department are not only confined to studies. They zealously participate in cultural programmes as well as in sporting activities. Students of this department have recorded good grades in university exams. They have moved on to pursue Masters and Doctoral degrees in various prestigious universities in India and abroad.

Our Faculty

Dr. Pradip Kumar Biswas
Associate Professor
M.Sc., Ph.D.

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Mr. Indrajit Halder
Assistant Professor & HOD

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Dr. Sudarshan Bardhan
Assistant Professor

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Mrs. Nabanita Mitra
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)

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Dr. Nur Farhad
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)

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Ms. Banhisikha Das
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)

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Notice Board

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125 Jun 2024Notice for Remedial Class, Sub: Mathematics, 6th semester (Hons)Download
222 Jun 2024Parent-Teacher MeetingDownload
310 Jun 2024Notice for Project Submission, Sub: Mathematics, 4th semester (Gen/PCC) , Paper:Math-G-CC-t-04Download
410 Jun 2024Notice for Project Submission, Sub: Mathematics, 3rd semester (GE) , Paper:Math-H-GE-t-04Download
523 May 2024Notice for Internal Assessment Even Semester 2024, Sub: Mathematics, Semesters: 4th semester (Hons) & 6th semester ( Hons, Date: 30/5/2024-01/06/2024Download
617 Feb 2024Notice for Notice for Internal Assessment(Project Submission),Sub: Mathematics, Semesters: 1st semester, Multi-Disciplinary Course(MDC), PaperDownload
730 Jan 2024Notice for Remedial Class, Sub: Mathematics, 3rd semester (Hons) and 1st semester(Major)Download
816 Jan 2024Notice for Internal Assessment,Sub: Mathematics, Semesters: 1st semester (Major) & 3rd semester ( Hons)Download
923 Dec 2023Notice for Remedial Class, Sub: Mathematics, 5th semester (Hons)Download
1018 Dec 2023Notice for Project Submission, Sub: Mathematics(GE), 3rd semester Hons (GE), Paper:Math-H-GE-T-03Download
1118 Dec 2023Notice for Project Submission, Sub: Mathematics, 3rd semester (Gen/PCC) , Paper:Math-G-CC-t-03Download
1214 Dec 2023Notice for Project Submission,Sub: Mathematics, 5th semester General, Paper: Math-G-DSE-T-1ADownload
1314 Dec 2023Notice for Project Submission, Sub: Mathematics, 5th semester Hons, Paper:Mechanics-1Download


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1Mathematics (Hons.)-CBCS Syallabi-2020Download
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